Excuse me, hi.

Like I said in my introduction I do occasionally leave the house and sometimes even go to another country. Me and my friend, Neha, were talking for ages about going on holiday somewhere after we finished university, so when we finally finished we booked a holiday to Barcelona for a week.

P1040109   P1040017

P1040231  P1040121

We tried to as much as we could in a week, starting with going to the Sagrada Familia. Luckily this was walking distance from our hotel, so we could go off figuring out the Barcelona metro for another day. Even though we did end up getting lost on the way back it was a nice place and one more tourist attraction I can tick of my bucket list.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of football, Camp Nou (the Barcelona football stadium) was a great place to visit and but with a lot of stairs. We climbed all the way up to the top tier and we climbed back down to the bottom, Neha realised she left her backpack on one of the seats at the top and we ended up going back up. Which was not fun. But luckily it was still there, especially because we had warnings from everyone before we left to be careful of pickpockets. We were lucky with the weather with it being May, and it only rained once for ten minutes while we were inside culturing ourselves at the Picasso museum.

On one of the days we left Barcelona to visit Monstreat which was fun, even though the Cable car up and down the mountain scared the crap out of me. I didn’t expect the area at the top to be so big, where it looked a like a mini town. The only thing that ended up being a let down in Barcelona was the Rambla’s. It was nice, but I think because I had heard so much about it, it seemed over hyped for me. One of my favorite things in Barcelona was the food. Obviously.

Every restaurant we went to had paella. My dad told me before I left to make sure I tried it, but I didn’t think I was going to like it. But I loved it! So much so that we had one for dinner nearly every night. Overall I loved it there and it makes me want to travel a lot more. So now I just need to save up enough for another holiday!

See you soon!



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