TV Wrap-Up



Excuse me, hi

So from the picture I think its very clear I don’t leave the house a lot. But in my defense I have given up on three of these shows. With most of these show finishing for the season now I thought a I would give you my top five from the year, which was hard because I watch a lot of TV. Don’t judge, you probably watch the same amount.

5. Shadowhunters: The only new show that made my top five! Even though Supergirl was close, I loved this show because it made me want to read the Mortal Instrument books (the book series it was based off). The cast for me match the characters in the book, even though a lot of people don’t agree. The only problem I did have with it was how quickly some of the stories progressed. Also the wedding. Why was that a thing?

4. Once Upon a Time: They’ve calmed down on all the hope so it made my top five. Once Upon a Time has always been one of my favourite shows and this season has been amazing. I loved seeing Emma as the Dark One, but I wasn’t a fan of seeing the love my life Hook dying for a bit. But he’s back so it’s all good. If you ignore the CGI for the underworld the second half of the season was also really good, especially Hades’. I’m excited for the Jekyll and Hyde story line next season, especially now the evil queen is back!

3. Game of thrones: Last season wasn’t my favourite, and not jut because Jon Snow died (which I still haven’t fully gotten over even though he’s back). But because the story line took a while to progress. This season though is amazing. Jon Snow is back. Sansa is finally independent. And Sam is still lovable. Even though there’s still two more episodes to go the story so far is really good which is why it is high in my top five.

2. The Flash: Only two seasons in and this already one of my favourites, which I realised that I have said that all the shows so far. But this one really is. Mainly because of Grant Gustin, because he is Grant Gustin. I thought the reverse flash was my favourite TV villain but Zoom, omg Zoom. I loved him. I loved the whole earth 2 story line and that we got to see a nice Harrison Wells. Also Barry and Iris finally happened, but then in a flash Barry ran himself back into the friend-zone. I’m excited for next season to see if this Flashpoint theory is true, but not so excited to see how Barry’s screwed his life up.

1. Arrow: So I’m a bit obsessed with DC TV and Arrow definitely had to be my top show of the year. From what I’ve seen online a lot of people haven’t liked this current season but I loved it. Damien Darkh wasn’t my favourite villain of the four seasons, but he definitely is a great villain. But like a lot of the shows I’ve watched this year characters keep dying. Why they killed of Laurel, I will never understand. After spending so long developing her character, they just kill her off. That was the main thing that annoyed me but the rest of the season was good and I’m interested to see what they do next season.

All me shows are just my opinion but let me know what you think!

See you soon!


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