Tourist day in Central London

20160622_144925  IMG-20160622-WA0014

Excuse me, hi

Growing up in London you don’t really do many of the tourist things when you’re older. I did when I was younger but most of it I don’t remember. So now that I have more free time (unemployment) after finishing university, me and two of my housemates from University decided to spend the day wondering round central London. We walked from Harrods down to Covent Garden.


The highlight from the day was spending three hours in Harrods. Having never been there it was nice to see how the other half live and walk around pretending to be able to afford everything in there. Inside it felt like a shopping center and that is probably why we spent so long there. Not just because we got lost and couldn’t find the exit. But to further point out that we didn’t belong there we were getting excited over the lift and the ceiling. The picture of the lift did take us a few tries.



Because everything was expensive there we ended up buying the small classic Harrods bear pack of three. But as we walked around we did try and pick up every leaflet and perfume tester paper we could find. Just again showing we don’t belong there. After finally figuring out the way out we carried on walking down to Hyde Park and got lost again trying to find out way to Buckingham Palace.After walking down the Mall near Buckingham Palace, which felt like it went on forever we went to my favourite bit, to get food.


Then M&M world which again I loved because it’s a massive food related shop. It is a random shop but I loved M&M’s so I’m not complaining. We tried to fit as much as we could into one day so we also went to China Town and Covent Garden after. By the end of the day we were knackered, but having not done a touristy day in London in ages it was good to see everything again. I definitely recommend to go to Harrods even if you don’t buy anything, it’s nice to just walk around and pretend.

See you soon!


Photo credit to Sophie Brooks because she had a better phone camera.


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