London trip again..

Excuse me, hi

Like I said in my said in my last post about going into London, while I have the time now I want to explore Central London as much as I can. So today me and my housemate Sophie Brooks, started off in Oxford Street and ended up in Mayfair.

We did a bit of shopping in Oxford Street and had some Pizza Hut, which we had been craving for weeks now. We then attempted to shop in Selfridge’s but quickly realised that we still have no money. It was a bit like Harrods, but unlike Harrods we didn’t get weird looks from people and people actually tried to sell us things haha! In Harrods defense though we did walk around in hoodies, taking pictures of everything we saw. If I hadn’t had already seen Harrods, Selfridge’s would have been a bigger deal, even though it still looked amazing in there.

We then went to Hamleys Toy Store, which was amazing! The people who work there have the best job of playing with toys and walking around singing (which is my secret dream). Then to the best part of the day Bond Street and Mayfair. Again it was nice to see how the other half live. But when we become billionaires or just marry rich (which is very appealing right now) we will be able afford something from there!

Apart from us having to walking home from the train station because the taxi service was busy, the day was really good. Hopefully I will be spending more time in Central London!

See you soon!




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