21 Things I’ve learnt in 21 years of life

Excuse me, hi

So next week is my 21’st birthday so I thought I’d tell you the 21 things I’ve learnt:

  1. No point being shy and awkward, be confident! If not just fake it.
  2. Not everything has to go your way, sometimes it’s better when it doesn’t.
  3. Spontaneity is okay. ‘Not everything has to be stringently planned’ quote my housemate Sophie brooks for the last three years of my life.
  4. ‘Having your life together’ is not actually a thing.
  5. Appreciate the little moments with friends and family while you still can.
  6. No one cares about your A Levels and GCSE’s when you’re out in the real world.
  7. There’s more to life than a grade.
  8. Lacoste isn’t pounced as Lactose, one is a brand and the other is in dairy products.
  9. People aren’t thinking about you as much you think they are and even if they are who cares.
  10. Be true to your feelings and who you are- self acceptance is everything.
  11. Always find two friends who are just as unlucky as you #badluckmusketeers (I will explain this in a future blog post).
  12. You don’t have to have found the love of your life by the time you’ve finished university. How are you going to live Samantha Jones’s life in a relationship?
  13. It’s not how long you’ve known someone it’s how loyal they are.
  14. Don’t be stupid with money- is that domino’s deal really worth it?
  15. Try to have a social life- get off the internet and maybe even leave the house. Hahaha joke, we all know I won’t even do that.
  16. At the same time fun isn’t always found at a nightclub.
  17. Everyone has different experiences in life and that is ok.
  18. Don’t eat 16 cakes in once sitting; you don’t want to roll that way. Literally.
  19. I learnt that Silicon is what fake about boobs are made out of and not a type cheesecake that’s Sicilian. (In my defence they are spelt similar and sound the same)
  20. I have terrible memory- hence how long it took me to remember 21 things I’ve learnt.
  21. It is ok to be weird. All the best people are.

See you soon!


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