My birthday..

Excuse me, hi

I’m 21!!

My birthday celebrations actually started around a month ago when me and and my housemates celebrated with pizza and some drinks. It was a joint celebration for me and my housemate Sophie. They all got together and got me my first Pandora ring, which I love!! But this week on Monday I also got another cake from two my housemates (both of who are called Sophie) and some other lovely presents, including a cute memory book and a ‘Im Chuck Bass’ bag haha!


Then my actual birthday was on Thursday me, my sister and cousin went to Chiquitos at lunch for some desert and drinks. Then had some pizza and a really nice cake that my aunt made me!


Then on Saturday my sister organised me a really nice surprise party with all my family and a few of my friends. There was a barbecue and cake and presents and cake. We even ended up going on a walk to find some Pokemon haha. Yes we’re grown adults looking for Pokemon. But I ended up getting some really nice gifts including a Pandora charm bracelet from  my sister, Pandora ring from my mum and dad, some bracelets from Swarovski, and more funko pop!


But that wasn’t all! My sister made a lovely video from messages from family and friends! It was definitely one of the best birthdays I’ve had. And it didn’t rain!

Let me know about some of your favorite birthday memories!

See you soon!


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