Holiday Season..

Excuse me, hi

So now that schools are finished for the summer and most people are taking time of work it means its time for a holiday! Most people will be going somewhere abroad, but because I’ve already been on holiday this year and written about it, I thought I’d tell you about my top three holidays that I’ve been on.

3. Florida: Orlando

I’v been here twice, once when I was about five and can’t remember anything and the other when I was thirteen so I remember most of it. It made my top three because there’s so much to do there. Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, Disney, NASA camp and Sea world are all things that I did and some of these we did over two days because there was so much to do. Universal Studios was my favourite though, mainly because it had my favourite ride ever that I can’t remember the name of haha. Me and my sister went on it together and we were sat in this car shaped thing and it was one of the fastest ride I have ever been on. But I did love other parts like Disney and the fireworks at night, going to my first ever Hard Rock Cafe were I can now appreciate how beautiful the waiter was. We also went to Miami for two days while we were there, but Orlando had so much to do that we tried to spend more time there!

2. California: San Francisco

This is the only place I’ve been to in California and it already my favourite place in the US. My aunt and uncle live there so we went to visit them and even though we found there wasn’t a lot to do there it was just a nice place to relax and have a wonder round. We went to the beach and had a wonder around the town. Also we went to Lake Tahoe for two days and spent the night in my uncles friends cabin (which felt like I was in a American TV show haha).

1. Thailand: Phuket

This was definitely my favourtie holiday ever. Before this we hadn’t been on a family holiday in a while, so it was nice to go out together. To begin the hotel was my favourite mainly because of the pool. but also because we had the beach on our doorstep. We went on a speed boat to the different islands around, went to see Fatansea a Thai show and the best part the Safari. Here we got to ride elephants which was the best and scariest thing I’ve ever done. I was sat with my dad and I think he was looking forward to a relaxing elephant ride while enjoying the scenery but he didn’t get that. I screamed so many times that even the people working there were laughing at me. While we were there every evening we would would around the night markets after dinner and then sit at the Hard Rock cafe with a drink and listen to the band that was playing. We didn’t try to fit loads in and instead spent most of the holiday relaxing which is what made it so good!

Let me know about some of the holidays you’ve been on or are going to on this year!

See you soon!





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