Family time..

Excuse me, hi

So this week I’ve had my little cousins from Seattle visiting so we spent the week doing loads of fun things. I won’t go through everything we did because that would be a lot, so here some of the highlights from the week!We started the week by going to the Ruislip Lido which is the closest thing that London has to a beach. Some years back they made a fake beach near a lake, so because it was nice and sunny we got some McDonald’s and had some lunch there.

Later on in the week we went to this trampoline place called Oxygen Freejumping. Which involved loads of big trampolines and loads of little annoying kids everywhere (that was the perk of going in the school summer holidays). But it definitely was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be and it was something different to do with my cousins!



Then to end the week my cousins from Dubai were also here, so we all went to play mini golf where they had dinosaurs!! Even though I did lose I got two hole in ones! Then we had a nice family barbecue.

It was good to have everyone together after ages this week! Let me know what you’ve up been up to with it being the hottest week of the year so far!

See you soon!


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