San Diego Comic Con..

Excuse me, hi

Around this time every year I get excited because of Comic Con and that nearly all the TV shows I watch have panels there. But also around this time every year I get sad that I’m still poor and can’t afford tickets to go. So last spent hours watching all the different panels of some of my favourite shows and here is some of the things I loved or made me sad.

First I do just want to appreciate Grant Gustin and how much he posted from the weekend. I really hope that I’m not the only person that freaks out when characters from your favourite show are actually friends off camera and take pictures together and post them on the internet. These are just a few of my favourites:

Also Tom Felton’s is joining The Flash!! Even though this news was released a few weeks, to see him at Comic Con and talk about his character was very exciting.

tom-felton-joins-the-flash-season-3-as-csi-agent-julian-dornOne of my favourite things about comic con are teasers about the next season and teaser clips. I loved hearing about all the different villain’s that are happening in The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. Also they cast Superman for Supergirl!! I’m so happy they cast Tyler Hoechlin. I loved him in Teen Wolf so I’m excited to see him as Superman! And now that Supergirl has moved to the CW, it means more crossovers with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Also Kid Flash is happening!! This is what I was waiting for when they added the character Wally West, so it’ll be interesting to see this with the Flashpoint storyline.

One of my favourite teasers from Comic Con this year is that Once Upon a Time are doing Aladdin!! Also the fact that in The Original’s Hope is all grown up now!

What made me sad from this year’s comic con though is that both Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries are ending. I know for both of these shows it is the right time, but it will be sad to watch next season!

But to end I loved all the Comic Con panels from this year, and can’t wait for the September/October when everything’s back!

See you soon!




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