July Favourites..

Excuse me, hi

I’ve decided start a monthly post, were I talk about all the different things I fell in love with this month. This could be anything from jewellery to a new favourite song. This month a lot of my new favourite things are actually birthday presents because I got a lot of amazing gifts.


This I got from my housemate Sophie Brown as a birthday present at the beginning of the month and it is my new favourite bag! Gossip girl was my favourite show when it was on and I love Chuck Bass, so this bag is amazing! I love merchandise and fan stuff, especially things like this where if you didn’t watch the show you wouldn’t know what it meant. I did also love when I had it with me on the tube a group of girls saw it and loved it!


This also a present from my other housemate Sophie Brooks, is a elephant ring holder. I’ve recently started wearing rings, so this is perfect for me! Also me and Sophie both love elephants (so much so that we call every elephant ever Stanley haha), so it was a really nice gift to get! I already have one small elephant statue and a lot of funko pop that this statue will go really well with in my room!


Like I said before I have recently started wearing rings, so for my birthday my mum and dad let me pick a Pandora ring that they bought for me. I choose this one because I love heart rings, but this is nice because it subtle and I love the band on its own. It also stacks really well with my other Pandora ring that my friends got me last month!


This is my last birthday present I promise. But I got this Swarovski bracelet from my cousins and I love it! These have recently become popular, and I have always loved the one my housemate has! This really good to wear with anything, and I needed more nice bracelets to wear!


Now I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this, so I’m sorry but I have jumped on the bandwagon and I’m obsessed with this game. So much so that I’ve started taking my dads portable charger with me on the bus so I can play it haha. I used to love Pokemon growing up, so this game is the best! I think its a really clever game of Pokemon, and it actually making me go for walks haha. Also I’ve finally made it to level 9!!


My last favourite for this month is a song called Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. I heard this song for all of 30 seconds during a episode of Nashville and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Also I may have pictured my first dance to this song (she says single, sat a lone in her room writing this blog post).

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourites are this month! Also just warn you next months favourites may revolve a lot around decor, because I’m currently redecorating my room and driving my family crazy trying to pick things haha.

See you soon!



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