Interior Design: Bedroom..

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This week I spent most of time sorting out my bedroom at home. Now that I’ve moved home from university (which makes me sad), I decided its time redecorate my room. So I bought a new bed, put up some new shelves and did some general moving about of things. So I thought I would share some design ideas with you, if anyone’s looking for some inspiration. A lot of these ideas I found when I was looking online, mainly pinterest. Some of these pictures are mine and some I found online because I haven’t done them yet or decided to do something different.


The first thing I realised when I started to bring stuff home is that I have too many things! Having two rooms means you gather so much stuff because you think you have enough space for it all, but when you move home you realise you don’t. So one of the first things I wanted to do was build more shelves in my room. I already had this bookcase, so I put up these shelves and then another one near my dressing table. Shelves are the easiest things to decorate. I did mine with funko pop, picture frames and various other little things I have no idea were to put.


Also if you don’t know where to put necklaces, you could try putting hooks up (which is really cheap) on a spare wall. So if you have a lot of necklaces and don’t want them getting tangled in jewelry boxes, you could try hanging them on hooks. It cleared up a lot of space for me and it looks good.

Another thing I love are signs and posters that you can hang up. When I was younger I used to have a lot of posters of bands and singers that I loved. I still have a small one of JLS, but I now instead have signs up or picture frames. These two signs are my favourite and it a cheap and easy to do design for your room!

Purchase this image at

One of these best and easiest way to decorate your room is with pictures. I have a lot of picture frames around my room already. But for my university room I had printed out a lot of pictures to stick on the wall and I didn’t want to throw the out. So I am going to hang them on string with pegs, either on my wall of on my shelves.


Fairy lights. I haven’t decided yet if I want to get fairy lights, based on how much I would actually use them. But seeing pictures like this makes me want to get them. I love fairy lights and this again is a cheap and easy idea to make your room look pretty.


One thing I am hoping to get very soon once I can find wall space is this, Luckies Scratch map. You can hang it on your wall and scratch of places that you’ve been to or want to go to. It is a bit pricey, but it would make your room look good! But you could also buy a normal map and colour in the places or put stickers on them. This might be a bit cheaper.

Hope you got some inspiration from these ideas! Let me know of some of things you’ve done to your room.

See you soon!


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