University Advice..

Excuse me, hi..

Seeing the Uni advice hashtag is back on twitter, I though it was time start my series of posts about university. Over the next few weeks i’ll be posting loads of different things about university. To start here is some general advice and tips that may help:

  1. Don’t spend all you money on takeaway, you still probably have a lot of uncooked food at home- a tweet on the hashtag said learn to say no domino’s unless its free, which is something I never did! But if you go to freshers fair make sure you get those pound domino’s boxes, they are really good!
  2. Don’t be afraid to approach people first, everyone is in the same boat as you.
  3. Do as much as you can first year; like joining societies and going to different events. I definitely regret not joining any societies!
  4. But at the same time don’t forget the reason you’re at uni and that you still need to past first year!
  5. Don’t buy every book on the reading list, because they will most likely be in your library or online.
  6. At the same time try and do as much of the reading as you can it really helps when you’re in lectures and doing assignments.
  7. If you don’t end up getting along with people you live with in halls, don’t worry there are plenty of other people at university to make friends with.
  8. Learn to cook more or you’ll end up eating the same two dishes for the next three years like I did.
  9. Budget your money, make sure you have enough for rent, bills and food before spending out on anything else.
  10. If you’re idea of fun isn’t getting drunk at a club, don’t force yourself to do it because everyone else is.
  11. You will meet a lot of different personalities that you may not be used to, so try and be open, and not judge people after a few minutes of knowing them.
  12. But most of all enjoy, because the next three years will be amazing and will go really quickly!

Hope this helps!

See you soon!


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