Travel Bucketlist…

Excuse me, hi

The last few days I’ve spent most of my time at work or applying for a job, when all I want to be doing right now is traveling. Someone even said to me this weekend that I need a holiday (which I’m not sure if that was a insult or not). There are so many places that I want to visit around the world. So here is my top ten places that I want to visit before I die:



Australia has been at the top of my list for a really long time now. I couldn’t narrow it down to one place in Australia, because I want to visit everywhere! When I was younger I used to watch the Sleepover Club and think that’s where my obsession with Australia started. I even wanted to go to school in Australia because of the Sleepover Club haha. Also Neighbours is set in Melbourne so I would get to visit the place my favourite soap is filmed!



Recently I have realised that I haven’t explored Europe all that much and I have I had to pick one place in Europe that I would want to visit, it’s Greece! I want to go to Greece and fall in love with a Greece local like Lena did in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I’m joking. Kind of. But I am really interested in learning more about Greek culture and it looks like a beautiful place to visit!



I want to visit as many places as I can in the US, but I have my top three in this list. I’ve been drawn to Nashville, recently mainly because of the TV series Nashville. But also because of its musical atmosphere, mainly country music. I’m not a expert on country music, but what I do listen to I love.

Los Angeles:


California is one of my favourite places in the US, having been to San Francisco. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Los Angeles. Also being interested in film and TV production I would love to all the different studio tours there. Also Ellen Degeners is there and I love her, so I wouldn’t mind running into her.

New York:


Like Australia, I have been obsessed with going to New York for a long time now. I want to a romantic carriage ride through Central Park, like Mia had with Micheal in the Princess Diaries. I want to go Christmas shopping at Macy’s and I want brunch Gossip Girl style (but that may just be rich person thing rather than being exclusive to New York). Me and my friend Sophie have talked about going to New York for a while mainly because of Friends and Sex in the City for Sophie. Gossip girl is really where my obsession with New York started. Also I really want to see a concert at Madison Square Garden, with it being one of the most prestigious music venues in the US.


I have always wanted to visit Africa, Kenya mainly because my dad, uncles and grandparents lived there. Also I want to try the Safari and the beaches there. I would also want to learn a lot more about African culture!

Cape Town:


Just looking at pictures of Cape Town makes me want to there. It looks like such a pretty place. Like I said about Kenya I want experience African culture, having never been to Africa. Also because it is one of most popular places to visit in South Africa!



One of my favourite things about traveling is getting to experience cultures, that’s why this list features a lot of different cultures. This is the main reason I want to visit Latin America, with Brazil being the main place. I would have loved to have been there for this years Olympics. Also the beaches do look amazing.



Like I said about Brazil, I am really interested in experiencing the Latin American culture. Also when I visit a country one of the main things I look forward to is trying the food. After Indian food, Mexican food is my favourite. I really wouldn’t mind being sat at a Mexican beach eating Mexican Nachos right now.



Like I said about experiencing different cultures, Japanese culture has always interested me. Mainly because it is so different to British culture. I would want to visit the tallest building in Tokyo, in Shinjuku and visit the Imperial palace in Chiyoda. I would also be excited to try Japanese food, as I’ve never had it before.

So that is my Travel bucketlist, which writing has only made me want to go on holiday even more! Let me know the places you want to visit, or places you’ve been to that you would recommend.

See you soon!




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