Getting into your second choice university..

Excuse me, hi

A lot of you will have not got into your first choice University and may be anxious about starting at your second choice. So I thought I would tell you about my first year at my second choice university. The day I got my results I remember my UCAS didn’t update at all that day, so I had to do the awkward ringing my first choice and hear someone tell me I didn’t get in (which by the way is very awkward and not fun!). But once I found out I got into Hertfordshire, I was just happy I got into a university.

I already knew a little a bit about it because my cousin went there and I had visited the campus. Once I got my accommodation sorted, I found out that I was living on a different campus, to where I would have my lectures. Even though it was a free five minute shuttle bus between the campuses, I was already not looking forward to having to do that every morning. Also already being stressed about going to university, and meeting new people didn’t help.

When I got there though I was really excited! I was living with another seven people in my halls, and when I met them they were all really nice. I loved freshers week, going out with my flatmates and drinking properly for the first time. The induction week lectures were also really good, I was excited about my course and everyone I had met so far were really nice! But it got to around October time when me and my flatmates realised we weren’t really each other’s people. A part from one, Sophie Brown, who ended up being my housemate for second and third year. We bonded over our love for Glee haha. With my other flatmates it was just awkward, not because we didn’t get on, only because we were too different from each other.

But then because of Sophie I got to meet my other housemate Sophie Brooks (who thought I was staring at her when we first met, but I wasn’t!). Then through Sophie Brooks we met Fatma our other housemate. I also started going out to the pub on campus with the two Sophie’s and our other friend Hannah every Wednesday. I also hung out with the people on my course more and we went out nearly every week as well. So if you don’t end up getting a lot with the people in your halls, just remember there is a lot more people at the University that you can be friends with. They may even be a lot more like you in personality, like me and Sophie Brown. But even if there not its fine, because me and Sophie Brooks aren’t and we still get on really well!

So my second choice university ended up being the better choice. I made a a lot more good friends than I thought would, and I really enjoyed my course! So if you’re stressing about going to your second choice, don’t worry it may end up being the better choice for you!

See you soon!



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