August Favourites..

Excuse me, hi

So now that its near the end of August, here are some of my favourite things from the month:

New Look high waisted skinny jeans:

download (1)

These jeans are beautiful! I have never bought high waisted jeans because I thought being short they would just look weird on me, but these are amazing. And they make me look so skinny! It even gave me an excuse to buy a lot more tops that I can wear with these jeans haha!

Door Sign:


At the beginning of this month I was re-decorating my room and this is the best thing I bought for it! I found it in Primark randomly and I love it!

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child:


I’ve already a more detailed post on the play, but it was really good. I loved loved loved Scorpio and hearing more about the characters and their kids! I would definitely recommend you read it!

The Balm Mary Lou Manzier highlighter shadow shimmer:


I don’t know much when it comes to make up but this highlighter is amazing! I used some of my cousins and loved it so I bought myself one. Even though I haven’t tried it yet it can also be used as eye shadow. It is a bit pricey but I would definitely recommend it, if your looking for a new highlighter!

Suicide Squad:


Again I have already done a more detailed post about this but I loved watching Suicide Squad, it was one of my favourite DC films! Don’t listen to the reviews and watch it! Harley Quinn and Deadshot we’re my favourite characters in it!

Elephant Phone case:


If you can’t already tell from my posts I love elephants and I love this case! I do keep obsessively staring at my phone now though, which I should probably stop haha.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish:


I love doing my nails every week and my nail polish obsession has gotten really bad! But these new Barry M nail polishes are really good. I love both colours (even though I probably have the same purple in four different makes). I may even get more of the Sunset Daylight Curing colours, and hopefully by then they become a little less expensive!

The Chainsmokers ft Halsey- Closer:


I think every month there will be a new song that I’m obsessed with! After over playing Die a happy man by Thomas Rhett a million times, I’ve become obsessed with this. The Chainsmokers have been everywhere this summer and I really love their stuff especially this one with Halsey!

Body Shop Rose Face Mask:


This face mask is amazing. For ages now I’ve been looking for a good face mask for my skin and after using this today I have found the one! They have three other new face masks which all do different things for your skin, so I don’t know much about the others but this is really good if you have dry skin like me! Even though they are a bit pricey, I think it’s definitely worth spending your money on!



With it back this weekend I had to put it on the list. After two years of not watching I decided to give it a ago again and like I was before I am obsessed again. I sobbed a lot at Christian Burrows and Caitlyn Vanbeck’s auditions. I’m happy that Sharon and Nicole are back as judges! Also I love Rylan and Matt Edmondson on the Xtra Factor! I can’t wait to watch more of it! Also with X-Factor back it means its nearly Christmas!!

So those are my favourite of the month, let me know what you think and about some of your favourites this month!

See you soon!





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