Bridget Jones’s Baby…



Excuse me, hi

I loved this film!! I was so happy that they didn’t stick to the book and kill off Mark Darcy. But I also didn’t like that Hugh Grant died at the beginning of the film, and even though it was a bit ridiculous, I’m happy that in the end he was alive! Because if they do another film, he could be back in it!

I liked that it started like the other two Bridget Jones films with ‘All by myself’. I loved all the new characters, especially Patrick Dempsey’s character! He obviously is beautiful and then that scene where he tried to put a whole relationship into a minute was when I actually fell in love with him. But then him trying to ruin Bridget’s and Mark’s relationship was when he got a bit annoying. But he did redeem himself when he was wearing a suit at Mark and Bridget’s wedding haha!

I loved everything else about the film. I loved that Bridget Jones is the same as she was in the last two films, clumsy and hilarious. I loved the new character Amanda, mainly because she reminds me of my friend! And finally I loved that the baby in the end was Mark’s, I think the film needed to end with Bridget and Mark finally having a happy ending!!

I would definitely recommend you watch this film! Let me know what you thought of it if you have seen it!

See you soon!


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