Life Update..

Excuse me, hi

Sorry I have written a post in the last month, I just ended getting caught up with other things and got out of sync with blogging. But I am trying to get back into it again. So what have I been up to?

Well I have spent most of my time either working part time or looking for a job, which I have now realised, is a lot harder than I first thought. A friend told me a few weeks ago that we are now officially past the statistic of graduates who get a job after 6 months of leaving university, which is just scary to think about. Since doing all these applications I’ve realised how pointless some of the stuff they ask is. It also doesn’t help having friends and family asking ‘why haven’t you got a job yet’. They clearly have forgotten what it’s like. But hopefully I will get something soon and get to finally leave my part time job!

The last month hasn’t been all boring though. One of my school friends got married a couple weeks ago, which I still can’t believe. Since going to university we kept in touch a bit, so it was nice to see her get married, and get to see a lot of the people I went to school with (although awkward at times). But being there it didn’t feel like I was at a wedding, instead a school event we were going to. I still felt like a child, and couldn’t believe she was getting married. But it was a really nice wedding and she looked amazing.

It was also Halloween recently and I love dressing up for Halloween. One of my friends was hosting a charity event for Halloween, so me and my friend, Sophie thought it would be fun to dress up as The Joker and Harley Quinn. It was hilarious and so much fun doing all The Joker make up. I am no make-up artist, but I attempted to use liquid latex to do The Joker cuts properly and it looked so good. And it was actually really easy to use, not so much fun to take off though. But also that weekend I got to catch up with all the university girls, which is harder now that we all don’t live together anymore.

But a part from all this I have spent a lot of time lazing around, which is a really bad habit that I have gotten into. Let me know you’ve been up to lately.

See you soon!



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