Monthly Favourites:

Excuse me, hi

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in ages, but here are some of my favourites from the last month. Well what I can remember because I seemed to have forgotten most of what I’ve bought.

9032742993950Zoella Pots:

I could have just gotten normal jars for my make-up brushes, but these pots are so pretty. I have always loved Zoella’s stuff and especially all the new stuff she’s released lately.  These pots are pretty and help with storing loads of different stuff. I use them for my make-up brushes and a couple of other things, but they can used for anything really.

vaxbo-collage-frame-for-8-photos-black__0473831_pe614779_s4-1Frames from IKEA:

IKEA is one of the best places ever to go shopping. When we were there this weekend me and my dad decided to get a couple of frames to decorate our hallway with. Its two frames that all together fit about 16 pictures, and so I have spent the last couple of days looking through old pictures to of my whole family to put in the frame. This took a lot longer that I thought it would because there are so many pictures and I have a big family to try and get everyone in. But I can’t wait to finally print them out and put the frame up hopefully tomorrow. I just think frames are a great way to decorate the house.

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Polish & Boots Limited Addition Nail Polish:

Most of my favourite’s posts that I’ve done seemed to include nail polishes, so I couldn’t not include nail polish in this one too. I love these nail polishes. I’m not usually a fan of nail polish that has glitter in them, but is glitter without actually looking glittery (if that makes sense).  Also doesn’t hurt that I got one of them free with a voucher.

untitledNew Look Boots:

After spending months looking for the right boots I finally found them in New Look. I didn’t realise that a lot of stores don’t have just flat boots. Even the ones I bought aren’t completely flat, I think in the end I just needed new boots and gave in to ones with a tiny heal. But I do love these boots.

Tales from Shadowhunter Academy & Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare:

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I had been reading The Mortal Instruments series and this year she’s started to release another spin off from the series, where the first book is Lady Midnight. But before you read that you need to read the collection of short stories she’s written because some of them are relevant to Lady Midnight. But that wasn’t released in book form until this month. So after waiting the whole summer I finally read the short stories which I loved, because for anyone who has read the books knows that Simon’s fate was left in a kind of cliff-hanger. So we finally get to hear about what happened to him, as well as here about other characters. I am currently half way through Lady Midnight and I love it. I love all the characters a part from Malcolm who I think is a bit dodgy. But if anyone is looking for a good book series to read you should definitely read this.


Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow cross over week:

Although this cross over isn’t actually until next week it has been my favourite thing to look forward to for the last month now. The fact that four of my favourite shows are coming together and doing what feels like a week-long movie is just the best thing ever (you can clearly see I don’t get out much). I’m excited to see the villain, and potentially some time traveling happening. Also with all the promo pictures I’ve seen it looks like a lot of Flashpoint effects. It is also Arrow’s 100th episode that week, and even though a lot of people aren’t sure how much of Arrow we’re actually going to see in the episode, I think it’s great that it’s a crossover. Mainly because all the other shows happened because of Arrow, and so it would need to be in their 100th episode in some way. Also I’m very excited about all the characters that are coming back (apparently from the dead), for the 100th episode.

So these are my favourite from the last month. I was thinking of doing my next favourites post a little earlier next month, so I can do a Christmas themed one. But let me know some of your favourites.


See you soon!


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