Disclaimer: some you won’t like at all.

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Going to university and now graduating has made me realise how much my friendships have changed over the years. From drifting apart from school friends, to making a lot of new friends at university and at work. In hindsight I’ve realised that some friends I had weren’t all that great, but there are also some friends I wished I hadn’t drifted from. Here are some types of friends I’ve come across and some others:

The Friend that always puts you down:

Your bound to meet this type friend at least once in your life. The one who criticises you all the time to make themselves feel better. The one who needs to always one up you. The one who gives you back handed complements. This is the worst kind of friend. I’ve had a few of these kinds of friends, and most of these friendships haven’t lasted. Or if they have they’re always someone I keep at arms length.

The Friend that loves you for you:

This is the kind of friend that eventually becomes one of your best friends.The one you can trust with anything and everything. Its someone who doesn’t judge even when your having a hanrgy episode (I’m talking about me here haha).  I’ve had a few of these, most of who I met when I left school.

The Friend who isn’t really your friend:

The Regina George of your friends. The one who you can never really trust, but makes you think you can trust them. The one who never really has your back but at the same time you can’t stop being friends with them. I would say I’ve had a couple of friends like this in the past, and luckily I left most of them in school.

The Friend that only talks to you when they want something:

There are two sides to this friendship. One is the friend that only calls you when you want something, but will never do anything for you in return. Or they start being friendly for a bit, then ask for a favour, only to return to not speaking to you again after. But it can also be a friendship where you’re both doing your own thing and are always there for each other when you need to each other. Its less of a one sided friendship.

The Friend you don’t have to speak to all the time:

The low maintenance friendship. This is a friend you don’t have to speak to all the time, but know that are always there. Its kind of like the second of half the previous one. You could go months or years with out speaking or seeing each other, but when you do its never awkward.

The Friend that drifts:

The one you swore you would always keep in contact with. The one you tried to keep in contact with and then one day just stopped. Or the friend you made all the effort with, but got nothing in return. But sometimes its no ones fault, you just drift. I mentioned in a previous post that I recently went to a school friends wedding. There I saw friends that I hadn’t spoken to since school. Some of them were some of my best friends in school and we used to speak every day. It’s no ones fault that we don’t. Especially when everyone grows up and starts doing their own thing, you start to drift from a lot more friends, friends you thought you would always be friends with.

The Best Friend:

The one whose more like family than just a friend. The one that loves you for you and you would trust with anything.  The one that always has your back. The one you laugh with and can cry with. The friend you can sit in silence with and it not be awkward. I’ve had what I thought was a best friend before and turns out they were more of the friend who isn’t really your friend. But as I’ve grown up I have a better understanding of what its like to actually have a best friend.

These are just my experiences, so let me know if you have had any of these kind of friends, or if you would any to the list.

See you soon!



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