Stir Crazy…

Excuse me, hi

The google definition of being stir crazy is apparently: psychologically disturbed, especially as a result of being confined or imprisoned. Which is a bit dramatic, but only working weekends and having not much to do during the week has left me feeling a little bit bored and has resulted in me being cooped up at home. I can’t get any overtime at work at the moment, my friends & family are either busy or live too far away, and the job hunt isn’t going so well. So I thought I would see if Google had a solution. The stuff I found is either what I’ve already been doing or just a bit random. So here’s ten things I found that you can do when your going a bit stir crazy:

  1. Take a walk- I did this today, but it is freezing and where I live isn’t the most fun of a walk.
  2. Talk to a friend – I do this all time. Maybe a bit too much sometimes haha.
  3. Exercise- haha to lazy for this.
  4. Put a char in a corner you normally don’t sit in and note how different the room looks- I don’t have a chair in my room but if I did this is a odd thing to do. But then it would probably distract me for a bit.
  5. Meditate- I feel like I would get bored meditating, but I could try this.
  6. Drive around town with the windows down- I wish I could drive already, but seeing as I don’t, this can’t do.
  7. Rearrange furniture- I think I’ve rearranged my room about ten times this year haha.
  8. Watch a scary movie- I hate scary movies.
  9. Volunteer- This I have actually tried to, but it turns they want someone with experience as well.
  10. Leave the house- I try but it doesn’t happen often.

Even though this list isn’t all that helpful to me, I think the point its trying to make is that just to change things up sometimes. Go out and try something new, which doesn’t mean having to spends loads of money, but just little things. Like maybe exploring somewhere new.

Hope this helps anyone else feeling a little bit stir crazy.

See you soon!



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