My favourite week of TV..

the-cw-legends-of-tomorrow-arrow-the-flash-supergirlExcuse me, hi

So last week was the Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow crossover. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a TV show and in the words of Felicity Smoak it was the ‘BEST TEAM UP EVER’. I was a bit annoyed that the Supergirl episode of the crossover was just a teaser at the end, but the rest of the crossover was amazing.

I loved that with it beginning in The Flash it didn’t just go straight into all of them being together and fighting, there was a good build up to it. We got to actually see the aliens first land and then Barry getting everyone together. And I was right the whole reason these aliens were there is because of Flashpoint. It was good for them to address it with everyone there and see how it had affected everyone. Also we finally get a bit of an explanation for future Barry’s message to Rip Hunter. Although I don’t think that’s it, I still think there’s more to that message and has something to do with Eobard Thawne.

I loved that each part of the crossover, so the separate crossovers still felt like that shows episode. So The Flash still felt like a Flash episode, with still having their on going story lines with Wally (Kid Flash) and Legends with Martins storyline. Also mainly Arrow still being an Arrow episode with its 100th episode. I loved how they found a way to to bring back old characters and bring Sara and Ray back into the Arrow universe. I loved the joint hallucinations, which meant we go to celebrate Arrow with it still being relevant to the crossover. Also can we please appreciate that they even found a way to bring Roy and Tommy, even though they couldn’t properly be back because of scheduling. I actually cried at the bit because we got to see everyone.

There were so many funny bits with this crossover too. Especially Mick and Kara haha, I love them together. Also they made reference to Ray being superman before Arrow. I did love all the one liners though, especially Digg just realsing how weird his life is haha. I don’t get why but a bunch of superheroes together is always funny.

I did also love seeing all the newbies. Seeing Oliver accept Kara at the end was cute. I did wish she got to interact more with Felicity, Caitlin and Iris though. Nate and Amaya were great, especially Nate. I just love Nate and not just because I have a massive crush on him. Also it was great they found a way to include the recruits in the Arrow episode.

Finally I can’t talk about this crossover without talking about Barry and Oliver’s bromance. It’s nice to see how far they’ve come from Oliver shooting him in the back. Oliver nominating Barry as team leader, Oliver sticking up for Barry when Flashpoint is reveled, Oliver telling Barry about how his parents died and finally Oliver and Barry going for a drink at the end haha. Their friendship was of my favourite things about this crossover and I can’t wait to see more of it in future crossovers.

I can’t wait to see if they do a crossover next year now, which hopefully is on Kara’s earth now. Especially with Cisco giving her that device that lets her communicate and crossover whenever she wants.

Right I will stop talking about the crossover now. But let me know if you watched and what you thought of it.

See you soon!




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