Stocking fillers/ Secret Santa presents

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Now is the time your most of you are probably Christmas shopping and buying all your presents. But everyone has those people you have no idea what to get. These usually are Secret Santa presents. So here are a list of some gifts you could get that aren’t that expensive either:

Gift sets: You can’t go wrong with a nice gift set. These are literally everywhere right now and they are cheaper than they usually would be. But if your like me you end up buying the set for yourself when looking for someone else haha. Best places to look for these are Superdrug, Boots and Debenhams, but they are everywhere at the moment.

Books: If you know someone’s favourite author or books they want to get read, this would be a good gift and its usually under £10. But you could also get a notebook or a planner. With it being the end of the year a lot of people are looking to buy new planners and notebooks for new year.

Candles/Diffuser set: Like gift sets these are everywhere at the moment. They’re just a nice gift to give to someone, especially when you don’t know the person well, and don’t know what they like.

Perfume: There is always so much discount on perfumes around this time. Also everyone uses perfume, so you can’t go wrong with a nice perfume as a gift.

Chocolates/ Wine: These are usually add on gifts or secret santa presents. Most people like a box of chocoloates or a bottle of wine, mainly because it saves them buying it themselves. Also like with gift sets, there are a lot of chocolate sets at the moment. But make sure you check if they’re allergic to anything or if they drink alcohol first.

Clothes/Socks: This is just a nice and not expensive present to get. Depending on how well you know the person, you could get them a nice top or a tie. Or a merchandise shirt of something they like, for example a band or TV show. Also socks are just a good present, everyone needs them.

Christmas tree decoration: This depends on whether you’re giving your gift before Christmas. But if you are giving your gift before Christmas this is a nice gift for someone and they can hang it on their tree. The last couple of gifts I got for a few friends, I got a tree decoration for them as well and I think it goes well with their other gifts.

Home Decor: Everywhere seems to be selling home decor at the moment, even places like H&M and ASOS which I didn’t know till recently. But they have places that sell a lot of nice decor, like frames, cushions, fairy lights, etc. My favourite place for  this kind of stuff at the moment is New Look. Their home range that they launched this year is amazing and would make a good gift for anyone.

Novelty Gifts: When I think of novelty gifts I usually think of the gifts I’ve seen in Debenhams. So this is stuff like, pocket games (such as pocket poker), mini desk pool table, pub quiz cards and loads more. But these are just small, random things that anyone would like.

Hope this helps if you’re stuck for a present!

See you soon!



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