Stocking fillers/ Secret Santa presents

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Now is the time your most of you are probably Christmas shopping and buying all your presents. But everyone has those people you have no idea what to get. These usually are Secret Santa presents. So here are a list of some gifts you could get that aren’t that expensive either:

Gift sets: You can’t go wrong with a nice gift set. These are literally everywhere right now and they are cheaper than they usually would be. But if your like me you end up buying the set for yourself when looking for someone else haha. Best places to look for these are Superdrug, Boots and Debenhams, but they are everywhere at the moment.

Books: If you know someone’s favourite author or books they want to get read, this would be a good gift and its usually under £10. But you could also get a notebook or a planner. With it being the end of the year a lot of people are looking to buy new planners and notebooks for new year.

Candles/Diffuser set: Like gift sets these are everywhere at the moment. They’re just a nice gift to give to someone, especially when you don’t know the person well, and don’t know what they like.

Perfume: There is always so much discount on perfumes around this time. Also everyone uses perfume, so you can’t go wrong with a nice perfume as a gift.

Chocolates/ Wine: These are usually add on gifts or secret santa presents. Most people like a box of chocoloates or a bottle of wine, mainly because it saves them buying it themselves. Also like with gift sets, there are a lot of chocolate sets at the moment. But make sure you check if they’re allergic to anything or if they drink alcohol first.

Clothes/Socks: This is just a nice and not expensive present to get. Depending on how well you know the person, you could get them a nice top or a tie. Or a merchandise shirt of something they like, for example a band or TV show. Also socks are just a good present, everyone needs them.

Christmas tree decoration: This depends on whether you’re giving your gift before Christmas. But if you are giving your gift before Christmas this is a nice gift for someone and they can hang it on their tree. The last couple of gifts I got for a few friends, I got a tree decoration for them as well and I think it goes well with their other gifts.

Home Decor: Everywhere seems to be selling home decor at the moment, even places like H&M and ASOS which I didn’t know till recently. But they have places that sell a lot of nice decor, like frames, cushions, fairy lights, etc. My favourite place for  this kind of stuff at the moment is New Look. Their home range that they launched this year is amazing and would make a good gift for anyone.

Novelty Gifts: When I think of novelty gifts I usually think of the gifts I’ve seen in Debenhams. So this is stuff like, pocket games (such as pocket poker), mini desk pool table, pub quiz cards and loads more. But these are just small, random things that anyone would like.

Hope this helps if you’re stuck for a present!

See you soon!



My favourite week of TV..

the-cw-legends-of-tomorrow-arrow-the-flash-supergirlExcuse me, hi

So last week was the Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow crossover. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a TV show and in the words of Felicity Smoak it was the ‘BEST TEAM UP EVER’. I was a bit annoyed that the Supergirl episode of the crossover was just a teaser at the end, but the rest of the crossover was amazing.

I loved that with it beginning in The Flash it didn’t just go straight into all of them being together and fighting, there was a good build up to it. We got to actually see the aliens first land and then Barry getting everyone together. And I was right the whole reason these aliens were there is because of Flashpoint. It was good for them to address it with everyone there and see how it had affected everyone. Also we finally get a bit of an explanation for future Barry’s message to Rip Hunter. Although I don’t think that’s it, I still think there’s more to that message and has something to do with Eobard Thawne.

I loved that each part of the crossover, so the separate crossovers still felt like that shows episode. So The Flash still felt like a Flash episode, with still having their on going story lines with Wally (Kid Flash) and Legends with Martins storyline. Also mainly Arrow still being an Arrow episode with its 100th episode. I loved how they found a way to to bring back old characters and bring Sara and Ray back into the Arrow universe. I loved the joint hallucinations, which meant we go to celebrate Arrow with it still being relevant to the crossover. Also can we please appreciate that they even found a way to bring Roy and Tommy, even though they couldn’t properly be back because of scheduling. I actually cried at the bit because we got to see everyone.

There were so many funny bits with this crossover too. Especially Mick and Kara haha, I love them together. Also they made reference to Ray being superman before Arrow. I did love all the one liners though, especially Digg just realsing how weird his life is haha. I don’t get why but a bunch of superheroes together is always funny.

I did also love seeing all the newbies. Seeing Oliver accept Kara at the end was cute. I did wish she got to interact more with Felicity, Caitlin and Iris though. Nate and Amaya were great, especially Nate. I just love Nate and not just because I have a massive crush on him. Also it was great they found a way to include the recruits in the Arrow episode.

Finally I can’t talk about this crossover without talking about Barry and Oliver’s bromance. It’s nice to see how far they’ve come from Oliver shooting him in the back. Oliver nominating Barry as team leader, Oliver sticking up for Barry when Flashpoint is reveled, Oliver telling Barry about how his parents died and finally Oliver and Barry going for a drink at the end haha. Their friendship was of my favourite things about this crossover and I can’t wait to see more of it in future crossovers.

I can’t wait to see if they do a crossover next year now, which hopefully is on Kara’s earth now. Especially with Cisco giving her that device that lets her communicate and crossover whenever she wants.

Right I will stop talking about the crossover now. But let me know if you watched and what you thought of it.

See you soon!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

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Its finally December, which means we can officially talk about Christmas! I love Christmas, and more the build up to it. All the food, Christmas decorations, the music and obviously the presents. Over the next few weeks there will be loads of Christmas themed posts, but to start it off lets talk about Christmas music. I have so many Christmas songs that I love, so here are some of my favourites to get you in the mood for Christmas:

I know most of these songs aren’t from my generation, but these classic Christmas songs will always be the songs I listen to every year. There have been so many Christmas songs since but I don’t these will ever stop being some of the all time favourites. My favourite from this has to be ‘I wish it could Christmas Everyday’. I remember hearing that song a lot growing up. Also ‘Fairytale of New York’ will always make me laugh.


When I first heard that Justin Bieber was doing a Christmas song, I didn’t think I was going to love it as much as did and still do. I love all the collaborations on their, the most random is definitely is Justin Bieber and Boy ll men. But I love it. I especially love his version of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. Also Christmas music + Rap is actually really good. But my favourite on the album is ‘Christmas Love’, it’s just such a cute Christmas song. If you haven’t heard his Christmas album I would definitely recommend listening to it.

Band Aid’s ‘Do they know its Christmas time’ will always be one of my favourite Christmas songs. I have realised lately that most of my favourite Christmas songs are sad Christmas songs haha. But I’ve loved all three versions. I remember me and my dad singing it around the house a lot when I was younger, so even though it is a sad a Christmas song, it will always make me smile listening to it.

Now onto my two ultimate favourite Christmas songs, Wham ‘Last Christmas’ and Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. You know its Christmas when you hear these on the radio. Wham I love any way (mainly George Micheal but that’s a whole other post haha), but Last Christmas is just a really good song and again one of my sad Christmas songs that I love. Also it helps that George Micheal looks great in the video. Then ‘All I want for Christmas’ is just another classic Christmas song you can’t help but love.

As much as I love some of the new Christmas songs that have been released over the years, I think the older stuff will still be some of my favourites and I don’t think that will ever change. Let me know some of your favourite Christmas songs.

See you soon!



Stir Crazy…

Excuse me, hi

The google definition of being stir crazy is apparently: psychologically disturbed, especially as a result of being confined or imprisoned. Which is a bit dramatic, but only working weekends and having not much to do during the week has left me feeling a little bit bored and has resulted in me being cooped up at home. I can’t get any overtime at work at the moment, my friends & family are either busy or live too far away, and the job hunt isn’t going so well. So I thought I would see if Google had a solution. The stuff I found is either what I’ve already been doing or just a bit random. So here’s ten things I found that you can do when your going a bit stir crazy:

  1. Take a walk- I did this today, but it is freezing and where I live isn’t the most fun of a walk.
  2. Talk to a friend – I do this all time. Maybe a bit too much sometimes haha.
  3. Exercise- haha to lazy for this.
  4. Put a char in a corner you normally don’t sit in and note how different the room looks- I don’t have a chair in my room but if I did this is a odd thing to do. But then it would probably distract me for a bit.
  5. Meditate- I feel like I would get bored meditating, but I could try this.
  6. Drive around town with the windows down- I wish I could drive already, but seeing as I don’t, this can’t do.
  7. Rearrange furniture- I think I’ve rearranged my room about ten times this year haha.
  8. Watch a scary movie- I hate scary movies.
  9. Volunteer- This I have actually tried to, but it turns they want someone with experience as well.
  10. Leave the house- I try but it doesn’t happen often.

Even though this list isn’t all that helpful to me, I think the point its trying to make is that just to change things up sometimes. Go out and try something new, which doesn’t mean having to spends loads of money, but just little things. Like maybe exploring somewhere new.

Hope this helps anyone else feeling a little bit stir crazy.

See you soon!



Disclaimer: some you won’t like at all.

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Going to university and now graduating has made me realise how much my friendships have changed over the years. From drifting apart from school friends, to making a lot of new friends at university and at work. In hindsight I’ve realised that some friends I had weren’t all that great, but there are also some friends I wished I hadn’t drifted from. Here are some types of friends I’ve come across and some others:

The Friend that always puts you down:

Your bound to meet this type friend at least once in your life. The one who criticises you all the time to make themselves feel better. The one who needs to always one up you. The one who gives you back handed complements. This is the worst kind of friend. I’ve had a few of these kinds of friends, and most of these friendships haven’t lasted. Or if they have they’re always someone I keep at arms length.

The Friend that loves you for you:

This is the kind of friend that eventually becomes one of your best friends.The one you can trust with anything and everything. Its someone who doesn’t judge even when your having a hanrgy episode (I’m talking about me here haha).  I’ve had a few of these, most of who I met when I left school.

The Friend who isn’t really your friend:

The Regina George of your friends. The one who you can never really trust, but makes you think you can trust them. The one who never really has your back but at the same time you can’t stop being friends with them. I would say I’ve had a couple of friends like this in the past, and luckily I left most of them in school.

The Friend that only talks to you when they want something:

There are two sides to this friendship. One is the friend that only calls you when you want something, but will never do anything for you in return. Or they start being friendly for a bit, then ask for a favour, only to return to not speaking to you again after. But it can also be a friendship where you’re both doing your own thing and are always there for each other when you need to each other. Its less of a one sided friendship.

The Friend you don’t have to speak to all the time:

The low maintenance friendship. This is a friend you don’t have to speak to all the time, but know that are always there. Its kind of like the second of half the previous one. You could go months or years with out speaking or seeing each other, but when you do its never awkward.

The Friend that drifts:

The one you swore you would always keep in contact with. The one you tried to keep in contact with and then one day just stopped. Or the friend you made all the effort with, but got nothing in return. But sometimes its no ones fault, you just drift. I mentioned in a previous post that I recently went to a school friends wedding. There I saw friends that I hadn’t spoken to since school. Some of them were some of my best friends in school and we used to speak every day. It’s no ones fault that we don’t. Especially when everyone grows up and starts doing their own thing, you start to drift from a lot more friends, friends you thought you would always be friends with.

The Best Friend:

The one whose more like family than just a friend. The one that loves you for you and you would trust with anything.  The one that always has your back. The one you laugh with and can cry with. The friend you can sit in silence with and it not be awkward. I’ve had what I thought was a best friend before and turns out they were more of the friend who isn’t really your friend. But as I’ve grown up I have a better understanding of what its like to actually have a best friend.

These are just my experiences, so let me know if you have had any of these kind of friends, or if you would any to the list.

See you soon!


Monthly Favourites:

Excuse me, hi

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in ages, but here are some of my favourites from the last month. Well what I can remember because I seemed to have forgotten most of what I’ve bought.

9032742993950Zoella Pots:

I could have just gotten normal jars for my make-up brushes, but these pots are so pretty. I have always loved Zoella’s stuff and especially all the new stuff she’s released lately.  These pots are pretty and help with storing loads of different stuff. I use them for my make-up brushes and a couple of other things, but they can used for anything really.

vaxbo-collage-frame-for-8-photos-black__0473831_pe614779_s4-1Frames from IKEA:

IKEA is one of the best places ever to go shopping. When we were there this weekend me and my dad decided to get a couple of frames to decorate our hallway with. Its two frames that all together fit about 16 pictures, and so I have spent the last couple of days looking through old pictures to of my whole family to put in the frame. This took a lot longer that I thought it would because there are so many pictures and I have a big family to try and get everyone in. But I can’t wait to finally print them out and put the frame up hopefully tomorrow. I just think frames are a great way to decorate the house.

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Polish & Boots Limited Addition Nail Polish:

Most of my favourite’s posts that I’ve done seemed to include nail polishes, so I couldn’t not include nail polish in this one too. I love these nail polishes. I’m not usually a fan of nail polish that has glitter in them, but is glitter without actually looking glittery (if that makes sense).  Also doesn’t hurt that I got one of them free with a voucher.

untitledNew Look Boots:

After spending months looking for the right boots I finally found them in New Look. I didn’t realise that a lot of stores don’t have just flat boots. Even the ones I bought aren’t completely flat, I think in the end I just needed new boots and gave in to ones with a tiny heal. But I do love these boots.

Tales from Shadowhunter Academy & Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare:

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I had been reading The Mortal Instruments series and this year she’s started to release another spin off from the series, where the first book is Lady Midnight. But before you read that you need to read the collection of short stories she’s written because some of them are relevant to Lady Midnight. But that wasn’t released in book form until this month. So after waiting the whole summer I finally read the short stories which I loved, because for anyone who has read the books knows that Simon’s fate was left in a kind of cliff-hanger. So we finally get to hear about what happened to him, as well as here about other characters. I am currently half way through Lady Midnight and I love it. I love all the characters a part from Malcolm who I think is a bit dodgy. But if anyone is looking for a good book series to read you should definitely read this.


Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow cross over week:

Although this cross over isn’t actually until next week it has been my favourite thing to look forward to for the last month now. The fact that four of my favourite shows are coming together and doing what feels like a week-long movie is just the best thing ever (you can clearly see I don’t get out much). I’m excited to see the villain, and potentially some time traveling happening. Also with all the promo pictures I’ve seen it looks like a lot of Flashpoint effects. It is also Arrow’s 100th episode that week, and even though a lot of people aren’t sure how much of Arrow we’re actually going to see in the episode, I think it’s great that it’s a crossover. Mainly because all the other shows happened because of Arrow, and so it would need to be in their 100th episode in some way. Also I’m very excited about all the characters that are coming back (apparently from the dead), for the 100th episode.

So these are my favourite from the last month. I was thinking of doing my next favourites post a little earlier next month, so I can do a Christmas themed one. But let me know some of your favourites.


See you soon!

Life Update..

Excuse me, hi

Sorry I have written a post in the last month, I just ended getting caught up with other things and got out of sync with blogging. But I am trying to get back into it again. So what have I been up to?

Well I have spent most of my time either working part time or looking for a job, which I have now realised, is a lot harder than I first thought. A friend told me a few weeks ago that we are now officially past the statistic of graduates who get a job after 6 months of leaving university, which is just scary to think about. Since doing all these applications I’ve realised how pointless some of the stuff they ask is. It also doesn’t help having friends and family asking ‘why haven’t you got a job yet’. They clearly have forgotten what it’s like. But hopefully I will get something soon and get to finally leave my part time job!

The last month hasn’t been all boring though. One of my school friends got married a couple weeks ago, which I still can’t believe. Since going to university we kept in touch a bit, so it was nice to see her get married, and get to see a lot of the people I went to school with (although awkward at times). But being there it didn’t feel like I was at a wedding, instead a school event we were going to. I still felt like a child, and couldn’t believe she was getting married. But it was a really nice wedding and she looked amazing.

It was also Halloween recently and I love dressing up for Halloween. One of my friends was hosting a charity event for Halloween, so me and my friend, Sophie thought it would be fun to dress up as The Joker and Harley Quinn. It was hilarious and so much fun doing all The Joker make up. I am no make-up artist, but I attempted to use liquid latex to do The Joker cuts properly and it looked so good. And it was actually really easy to use, not so much fun to take off though. But also that weekend I got to catch up with all the university girls, which is harder now that we all don’t live together anymore.

But a part from all this I have spent a lot of time lazing around, which is a really bad habit that I have gotten into. Let me know you’ve been up to lately.

See you soon!


What I’ve learnt about applying for jobs so far..

Excuse me, hi

So as I’ve mentioned before I’ve graduated and am currently looking for a job.  But its not easy at all. Both the application and interview process can be really hard and at times just a bit stupid. But I think anytime I do a application or a interview it can be a learning experience! So here is what I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Don’t be put off by what the job description brief asks of the candidate. Even if it does say they want someone with a lot of experience or a certain grade, you should still try an apply. The worse that they can say is no.
  2. But at the same time don’t be unrealistic in the jobs your applying for, because a lot of the time your first job isn’t going to be senior level or the highest paying.
  3. Sign up to a every job seeking website you can, because different websites have different things.
  4. Do your research about the company while applying and going for the interview, because it will show if you haven’t. Also you can cater your answers to what the company is looking for.
  5. Make sure you read the job description properly, because so many times I’ve applied for a job without reading the description properly.
  6. Even though it is hard, try and prepare for the interview questions, because there have been interviews that I’ve been to and I just rambled because I didn’t know what to say.
  7. Don’t be nervous, because the interviewer will pick up on it.
  8. Always save your cover letters because you can always edit and adapt them for other applications.
  9. You can exaggerate the truth in your application, but don’t lie about any experience or skills you have because they will know.
  10. Finally don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the job, see if every application and interview as a learning curve.

Hope this helps anyone whose looking for a job at the moment!

See you soon!

Bridget Jones’s Baby…



Excuse me, hi

I loved this film!! I was so happy that they didn’t stick to the book and kill off Mark Darcy. But I also didn’t like that Hugh Grant died at the beginning of the film, and even though it was a bit ridiculous, I’m happy that in the end he was alive! Because if they do another film, he could be back in it!

I liked that it started like the other two Bridget Jones films with ‘All by myself’. I loved all the new characters, especially Patrick Dempsey’s character! He obviously is beautiful and then that scene where he tried to put a whole relationship into a minute was when I actually fell in love with him. But then him trying to ruin Bridget’s and Mark’s relationship was when he got a bit annoying. But he did redeem himself when he was wearing a suit at Mark and Bridget’s wedding haha!

I loved everything else about the film. I loved that Bridget Jones is the same as she was in the last two films, clumsy and hilarious. I loved the new character Amanda, mainly because she reminds me of my friend! And finally I loved that the baby in the end was Mark’s, I think the film needed to end with Bridget and Mark finally having a happy ending!!

I would definitely recommend you watch this film! Let me know what you thought of it if you have seen it!

See you soon!


Excuse me, hi..

Sorry I know its been a while since I’ve done a post, I’ve just been so busy with work! I wouldn’t recommend having two jobs, you barley get time to breathe, let alone write a blog post. But on a brighter note, I am officially a graduate!!

I was lucky that my ceremony was in the afternoon, so we got to St Albans in the morning, really early (which my sister hated). We collected the tickets, got my gown and took the professional pictures. The good thing about being early was we didn’t have to queue for anything, and it gave us time to chill out a bit before the ceremony. The only annoying thing about the day is that we had to walk in our gowns through St Albans high street to the Cathedral, where the ceremony was held.

But when we got there, it was really good to see everyone, but also sad because I may never get to see a lot of those people again! The ceremony although long and nerve wracking was still a lot of fun. Being sat with everyone from Mass Communications (there is about 30 of us in the Mass Coms), was really good! The ceremony was a bit long, but it was nice to watch all my friends graduate. It was also nice that I didn’t fall when I got up there, when everyone thought I would!

But I can’t believe its all over now, I wish I could back and do it all over again!

See you soon!